About Angie

The first thing you should know about me is that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Cultural Studies from The Ohio State University, which is essentially the liberal arts version of Cultural Anthropology. It was a pretty flexible degree and I actually got to do my graduation thesis about video game culture, Esports, and how American culture perceives gamer identity. It was a blast to research and present on!

Other relevant things to know about me for a gaming blog… I built my own gaming computer. (Thanks, Joel, for tricking me to do it myself, jerk.) The first video game I owned as a kid was Pokemon Yellow. My favorite series is Mass Effect and my favorite classic stand alone title is Okami. I enjoy team games on PC with friends and I play single player games only on the Switch when possible. I’m a tragic Kickstarter addict. (Help.)

I’m fairly well known in the online CCG community for Gwent (the Witcher Card Game) because of a large Discord I admin called the Lodge of Sorceresses. It used to be Gwent only, but we are multi gaming now and you’re welcome to visit our Discord!

I was once contacted by the head of player behavior at Blizzard as well as for Amazon Game Studios due to a popular post I wrote on the Overwatch subreddit about female support players.

Also, have you met my dragons? You should meet my dragons.

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