Welcome to the Crusade!


I’ve been writing detailed Nintendo Switch game reviews as a hobby while I steadily dig through my massive backlog, and Reddit seems to like them, so I decided to make a blog for them. Then I thought– Maybe I should turn some of my academic writing on gamer culture into blog posts? So I did, and then I wrote some new things too! Feedback is always appreciated!

10 comments on “Welcome to the Crusade!”

      1. My personal tip that has helped me significantly through blogging is to make a draft every time you come up with a potential topic to write about. Just leave the topic in the title or something. This way, if you’re ever feeling tapped for ideas, you have all of these random ideas you thought of already laid out for you and all you have to do is write them!


      2. The first thing I’d do is hunt down the Geek Blogs Unite Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter communities because I’ve met a lot of people and networked there. Apart from that, I’d recommend finding bloggers you like and interacting with them, reading their posts and commenting on them. I’d also really focus on Twitter growth, as gaining followers through interacting with others on Twitter has gotten a lot of additional traffic to my blog. It doesn’t have to be Twitter, as I’m sure people have had success doing the same basic thing with Twitch, Youtube, and the like, but in general, the more you interact with others and grow your internet footprint, the more people will come to your blog. Not to mention, reaching out and interacting with others is fun, too, as you get to talk about things you love!


      3. No problem! I started blogging regularly about 10 months ago and felt super overwhelmed with all the same questions, so hopefully I expedited the process of figuring things out a little for you 🙂


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