Geek Blogs Unite Facebook Group — Shoutout to a lovely gaggle of geeks!

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For those unaware, a bunch of folks in the geek and nerd blogosphere are in a Facebook blogging community and networking group called Geek Blogs Unite, run by Michelle of A Geek Girl’s Guide. I believe it was Hannie who first recommended them to me.

I just wanted to say thanks to everybody over there in Geek Blogs Unite for guiding me as I figured out WordPress and answering my dumb questions about blogging. Everyone in Geek Blogs Unite is kind, friendly, and helpful! If anyone reading this wants to make some more friends in the geek blog world, increase your audience size, or have questions about how to improve your content, I highly recommend heading over there and introducing yourself and your website. 🙂

I owe a lot to GBU for helping me reach the 3000 visitor mark in my first month. Thanks so much!

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