Blog Update, Social Media, and Vacation!


Hey friends! I added all my social media accounts to my sidebar for those interested. I’ll follow anyone who follows me, of course. 🙂


Also, I’ll be in Hawaii for two weeks starting on Saturday. Yay for being on a plane for 11 hours! That’s a lot of time to get some Switch games and reviews finished. My posts won’t be as substantial while I’m gone, but I have a few posts scheduled that I think you’ll like. Did anybody used to watch Zoids on Toonami back in the day?

I just wanted to thank everyone who follows my blog so far. You’ve help kick off Backlog Crusader to a great start! In only 5 weeks, it’s managed to earn over 130 WordPress and email subscribers, over 3,600 unique visitors, and over 7,700 views. That’s crazy, right? Thanks so much!



10 comments on “Blog Update, Social Media, and Vacation!”

      1. That’s where we went! I’m about to hop on the subway but I’ll try to come back with more recos. The beaches in Honolulu are great, and make sure to eat a loco moco!

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      2. A standout for us was Kualoh Ranch. Lots activities to do, beautiful sightseeing, and drive through the places where they shoot Jurassic Park/World and other movies.

        Also recommend Hanauma Bay. Beautiful coral reefs and a great place to swim or snorkel!

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