InnerSpace Review (Switch) – buckle up for something new


InnerSpace is different. It tries something novel with physics in a video game that is almost certainly worth your time to experience, if only to try something new that you won’t see in other games. Experimental titles like this are a breath of fresh air among the typical industry offerings. As is often the case with bold games taking risks, the feedback is divisive. InnerSpace is a very “love it or hate it” sort of game. If any of what you are about to read is interesting to you, it is likely that you would enjoy InnerSpace.

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Welcome to the Crusade!

I’ve been writing detailed Nintendo Switch game reviews as a hobby while I steadily dig through my massive backlog, and Reddit seems to like them, so I decided to make a blog for them. Then I thought– Maybe I should turn some of my academic writing on gamer culture into blog posts? So I did, and then I wrote some new things too! Feedback is always appreciated!