Calico Kickstarter; “unapologetically feminine”, with so many animals (Fully funded!)


I am a shameless Kickstarter junkie and I wanted to share a little info on Calico, which was successfully funded at 230% of their original goal about a week ago and is now in a brief late pledge period. This title is incredibly cute and worth a look!

Calico is about a magical girl running an animal cafe on a an island full of whimsical villagers and adorable animals. You can customize the shop, furniture, what’s being sold, what animals are there, and so on. It would appeal most to Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, or Rune Factory fans. The character creator was the first stretch goal met, so you will be able to make your own main character!

Calico will release in a year and half or so on PC and all consoles. There are 9 days left to late pledge via their Backerkit page if you’d like to show early support for this lovely title. You can check out concept art and game play clips on Calico’s Kickstarter page. If they meet their next stretch goal, they’ll add a companion app for mobile phones that lets you take one of your animals out and about with you, among other things. I’m super excited for Calico!

From Calico’s Kickstarter page

2 comments on “Calico Kickstarter; “unapologetically feminine”, with so many animals (Fully funded!)”

  1. Yeah I know that feeling. Next year it’a just going to RAIN releases on me from things I’ve backed hahah


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