The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge!

Thank you to Hannie who nominated me for this one a few weeks ago when I was brand new to blogging! I’m terrible at these sorts of posts, but I’ll try my best!


Thank you to Hannie who nominated me for this one a few weeks ago when I was brand new to blogging! I’m terrible at these sorts of posts, but I’ll try my best!

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
– Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
– Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions
– List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Now to answer Hannie’s questions…

1. What is the greatest weakness of your favorite video game of all time?
Its ending came in three options that were somehow all the same, and nothing you did in the entire series ended up mattering at all… I should go.

2. What is the greatest strength of your least favorite video game of all time?
You know, I can’t think of specific titles I liked least. I tend to just forget about them if I don’t like them. Umm. How about a franchise? Mario games are wildly popular and I know it must be some kind of Nintendo sin, but I’ve just never been interested in Mario games. Mario as a character does not appeal to me, neither do the the side characters or the typical types of levels and worlds in Mario games. Most Nintendo fans adore Mario for all the reasons I am apathetic about it, and those features of the series that continue to pull in such huge audiences are its biggest strength.

3. What is your personal definition of a “perfect” video game?
I don’t really have one. Different games suit different moods and times in my life. I tend to go through phases of playing certain things, rotating throughout the year. There might be a few months where I play mostly multiplayer games with friends like Dead by Daylight, or it might be like now where I’m mostly into single player Switch games. So I guess perfect means what really hits the spot for me at that particular time.

4. What is the most “perfect” video game that you have ever played?
Even though it’s not my personal favorite, the answer to has to be, objectively Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That game does so much right and so very little wrong while also breaking from the typical Zelda game style. It resonates with so many fans. It’s really hard for a studio to break away to something new and ambitious and have it turn out almost literally perfect. I imagine it will be many years before we see a game to rival Breath of the Wild in terms of all around creativity, immersion, and excellence.

5. How would you rank the following media formats in order from your favorite to least favorite to consume:  Video games, Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music?
Video Games
Podcasts (Adding this one in because I listen to podcasts constantly in the car and at work.)
Books (Used to be higher on my list before college killed reading for me.)
TV (I love long series I can binge while playing Switch.)

6. Have you ever regretted buying a video game on day one?  If so, which game and why?
Octopath Traveler. It came highly rated but I just couldn’t get into it. The visuals were lovely but the game play was soooo repetitive and grindy. I got bored quickly.

7. What is an indie game release that you are eagerly anticipating?
Calico! Magical Girls running Cat Cafes! It was just funded on Kickstarter and won’t be out for a year but it looks adorable.

8. What video game traveling party would you like to join?
Final Fantasy XII. Could listen to Balthier’s suave, sassy banter aaaall day. Plus there’s air ships!

9. If you had unlimited funds, talent, and technology to create any game you could ever dream of, what would you create?
An MMORPG where you can raise, breed, and fly on your own dragons in a huge world with aerial combat. That would be amaaazing.

10. Your favorite video game protagonist and antagonist get pitted together in a deathmatch.  Who would win?
Shepard versus Handsome Jack? Definitely Shepard. It would be hilarious getting there, but Shepard would certainly win.

11. What is your favorite video game genre?
RPGs for sure!

My questions for nominees:

1. If you could have a pet from any game you’ve played, what would it be?
2. What game unexpectedly surprised you or surpassed your expectations?
3. What game would you like to see be made into a film?
4. What was your most meaningful relationship forged through video games?
5. What do you think will be the next fad in video games? (Ex: Battle Royales right now, season passes, zombie games in the past, etc.)
6. Of all the games you have played, what scene was the most memorable?
7. What older or retro game most deserves a remaster or sequel?
8. What game meant the most to you on a personal level and why?
9. Who is your favorite voice actor/actress?
10. If your favorite video game protagonist suddenly became a kitchen or cooking utensil, what would they be?
11. How many more Final Fantasies do you think will be made before they finally reach the Final, FINAL Fantasy?

Nominees: In Third Person, Rue the Gamer, Around the Bonfire, Nerd Side of Life, Bizarre Brunette, Frostilyte’s Blog, Bar Harukiya, Ivy June, Strange Girl Gaming, There Might Be Coffee, Inside the Mind of a Gamer, Monsterlady’s Diary, Everything is Bad for You

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11 comments on “The Sunshine Blogger Award Challenge!”

  1. Interesting answers for some. Would you say that another reason you’re not as into Mario games stems from a general disdain for platforming games?

    o -o
    Today I learned that WordPress doesn’t have a proper tagging system.

    Thank you for the nomination. 🙂
    It is going to take a while before I have a coherent answer for some of those questions haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wouldn’t say I disdain platformers, but I’m certainly picky and I enjoyment of them stems from how much I like the art and characters. For instance Ori and the Blind Forest was fantastic and I’m enjoying Yoku’s Island Express because I love pinball. Mario game aesthetics just never personally appealed to me.

      Yeah searching for specific content on the reader is butts.

      Take your time! 🙂


      1. Hmm…interesting. I was asking as I am also not a super big Mario fan, but that mostly stems from my finding the games (largely) too easy. It’s interesting that the aesthetics of the game are what has a larger appeal to you with platformers.

        Eh it is what it is.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m also definitely not the biggest fan of movies, when compared to other media genres. I am so spoiled by games, books, and TV shows, where I can disappear into a universe for dozens of hours. 2-3 hours for a movie doesn’t feel like enough time to actually care about the story being told. Even with short games, I love the added immersion that I get from controlling my character (Edith Finch would never have worked for me as a movie, even if it’s of a comparable length).

    Liked by 1 person

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