Backlog and Blog Update! What should I work on over the long weekend?


I’ve updated my Nintendo Switch backlog! With the long holiday weekend coming up, I thought I’d ask if anyone would like to see a review or impressions post on one of the specific titles from my backlog?

I’m happy to take requests!

The top left is closest to complete and the bottom right is the farthest. If there are no requests, I’ll just keep plugging away at Final Fantasy XII HD, which I somehow missed during my PS2 days. Loving it so far!

Next week I’ll be doing a prompt review of Little Friends Cats and Dogs for the Switch after receiving it on Tuesday. It’s a spiritual successor to Nintendogs by the dev studio who made My Time at Portia, so I hope it’s good. 🙂

I’ve also got two more gamer culture pieces in the works, as well as another installment of Tales From Video Game Retail. Lastly, I set up a Ko-fi for those who would like to support me and my content.

Have a lovely weekend!


6 comments on “Backlog and Blog Update! What should I work on over the long weekend?”

  1. If you’re enjoying FFXII keep going at it. I’m nearish to the end of it but I need to do a bunch of grinding, it’s on the list to do, but I want to finish Yakuza 0 first now.

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  2. I would say to keep working on FFXII. Like you, I missed out on it during the PS2 days and so glad I had a chance to play through the remake. Actually it is one of the games that got me back into the series as awhole when interest was waning. I also tried Celeste and Hollow Knight, but seems like my platform skills need work. Still great fun though.

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    1. Yeah I’m bad at platformers but I do try! In FFXII I just got through the Sand sea to the place where the Dawn shard is. Here we goooo!


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