New Logo and Patreon Launch – Become a Backlog Knight!


Things are going extremely well with no sign of slowing down, so I wanted to go ahead and announce new branding and the Backlog Crusader Patreon launch!

Megan over at a Geeky Gal was amazing to work with on the branding for Backlog Crusader. Very quick, professional, with good communication and fair pricing. I would highly recommend her for any of your current or future graphic design needs!

I’ve gotten a few questions about if I’ll be setting up a Patreon, so without further ado, here is the info. Feedback is welcome!

Like the content? Please consider becoming a Patron of Backlog Crusader!

The Backlog Crusader Patreon will help to absorb the costs of the Backlog Crusader domain, professional email hosting, logo commission cost, and of course the hours I spend working on content I sincerely hope you enjoy. In return, I’ve prepared some rewards supporters should find appealing! 

Squire – $1 or more a month

  • Gain access to the private Backlog Crusader Corps Discord Community!
  • If desired, you can be paired with a backlog accountability partner. We will raise a toast to each game you finish!
  • Your name will be on the Patron Appreciation Page of the Backlog Crusader website and Facebook. If you have a website of your own, it will be linked to your name so fellow readers and writers can find your content easily.

Knight – $5 or more a month (cumulative rewards)

  • Knights may vote on bi-weekly polls to help decide which post topics I focus on for the month!
  • Knights will gain access to the private Officer’s Club channel in the community Discord.
  • PC players can join in on monthly game nights! Available games include: Overwatch, Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, Tabletop Simulator, Golf with Friends, Jackbox, Drawful 2, and more!
  • Choose a game from the Steam Loot Vault, then another for every 2 months of support at this tier or above!

Paladin – $10 or more a month (cumulative rewards)

  • Paladins may add one emote of their choice to the community Discord. Leave your mark forever!
  • Paladin supporters may request a specific piece of writing content from Backlog Crusader! It could be a writing prompt on a topic that interests you, a collaboration proposition, a promotion of your podcast or Etsy shop, or even a peer review of your own writing.
    (Note: Troll/non-serious requests will be rejected. Requests must be gaming-related.)
  • For every following two months of continued support as a Paladin, you will be able to submit an additional request! 

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